Maternity and Child Health Lab

  1. We have M.C.H lab, which is well ventilated and well furnished and well equipped.
  2. In M.C.H lab we have the manikins like newborn baby, cardio pulmonary resuscitation child, fetus delivery.
  3. With this, models like stages of development of embryo, foot presentation, Types of spinabifida, face presentation, brow presentation, growth of the womb during pregnancy, placenta previa, stages of labor.
  4. Also, the lab contains specimen like fibroadenoma breast, uterus and ovary, fibroid uterus, aborted fetus, fibro edema breast, and instruments like cusco’s speculum, cord cutting scissors, pelvinometer, sim’s vaginal speculum, uterine sound, ovum forcep, feotoscope.
  5. Demonstration of procedure:
    • Draping & positioning the patient for gynecological examination.
    • Antenatal assessment.
    • Demonstration of normal delivery.
    • Physical assessment of newborn.
    • Newborn baby bath.
    • Care of newborn like eye care, cord care, feeding.
  6. To prepare posters & project related to antenatal diet, family planning, health education.
  7. To demonstrate resuscitation of newborn.
  8. To introduce students about instruments using for normal delivery, episiotomy and D & C, M.T.P
  9. To make the students able to prepare sterile trays like perineal care tray, suture removal tray, forceps delivery tray, vaginal examination tray & surgical trolley.



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